Developing My Place


The month I moved in, regardless if it was reasonable, I bought the furniture that I wanted to have in my place: murphy bed, couch, desk and a huge bookcase.  To save money though, I used my non-flat screen monitor and huge computer tower as my TV. Money was so tight that I sat on a Rubbermaid storage bin at my desk. I was able to watch Hulu on the computer while sitting on my couch which, like all the other furnishings, was pushed against the wall. My condo looked like a municipal library that lost funding halfway through its development. Continue reading “Developing My Place”

My Small Desk

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Until two weeks ago I did all of my studying at the library.  Then I bought something I’ve wanted for years, a desk.  It’s very small, ergonomic and it can double as a meditation stool, if you don’t meditate it will still straighten your back.  This is the first time I’ve used this desk style.  I’m impressed; my wrists don’t get sore and you are forced to sit upright which will hold off fatigue.  If you are interested in more, here’s the link to

My Layout

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Finding the right configuration for a small space is like putting a puzzle together, but you have to supply the pieces.  IKEA has small rooms to promote their furniture, but it seems easier for them because they get to design the room around their furniture.  Here are some things I’ve done.

Before this setup, my TV was on a small entertainment center.  I freed about 20 square feet by mounting it on the wall with shelves for my computer and cable box.  The wall mount allows me to swivel the TV.  Since I also use my TV as a monitor, I can easily watch Netflix and Hulu.

Next to that setup is my wall bed.  At first, I didn’t consider mentioning this because they’re already so well known.  In case you are unaware of they’re capabilities, definitely start Googling.  Or, go to Portland Closet Company, this is where I got mine.  Some wallbeds have desks and tables that become exposed when the bed is up.  The only drawback is that I have to leave the beds landing area clear of anything that can’t easily be moved out of the way.  If I had a regular bed in the corner, I wouldn’t have to keep everything so close to the walls.

A small area was created next to the bathroom.  This is my walk-in closet, laundry room and storage area.  My clothes are hung over my dresser, so I have to use a pole to get my clothes up and down; the pole is just a broken Swiffer (which was handy at one time).  I’ve seen some people use shelving racks you would find in clothing stores, those aren’t pretty, but they are the most effective for storing clothes, bedsheets and other small things.  And my washer and dryer- I’m glad I don’t have to go to laundromats.

My kitchen is built into what used to be a closet.  There isn’t a lot of counter space to prepare food so I bought a rolling caddy that I use as a pantry and extra counter space.  The dishwasher looks like something you would see in an RV.

Stereo Sound In Your Small Space

Loud music without upsetting the neighbors on the other side of your paper-thin walls can be done.  I use Sony wireless headphones, the base/charger is plugged into my Apple AirportExpress router which receives music straight from my home computer, iPhone or iPad.  This changed my life!  I can listen to loud music whenver I want without any cords.  The headphones are convenient for practicing French too.

My Apple router is not near my computer and TV setup, so I can’t listen to my TV thrugh the headphones.  If you can set up your TV, computer, router and headphones in the same area you can do this simply by running the audio wire from your TV to the headphone base rather than from your comp to the base.